When we talk about snacks for dogs, wheat flour is one of the most used. Varieties of wheat flour that can be used include white wheat flour. Using wheat-based flours for cookies and bones can work for many dogs, however, like in some humans, some dogs are sensitive to wheat.

If the question is: CAN THE DOG EAT PRODUCTS THAT CONTAINS WHEAT FLOUR? The answer is, definitely yes, dogs can eat products containing wheat flour, as long as this food is not used as the main source of nutrients in the canine diet

The digestibility and absorption of products containing wheat flour are enhanced when the flour goes through a cooking process, just like the Ecobone Vegetable Bones are made. Another issue is the fact that the allergenic factors of the flour components are extremely reduced when the flour goes through the cooking process in the manufacture of the snack that is our case.

No one ingredient used in the preparation of  Ecobone Vegetable Bones can be considered dangerous for dogs. All the processes from cooking to drying and packing are carried out in an extremely careful way in order to maximize the experience and the interaction between Owner and Pet.

Ecobone Vegetable Bones can be offered to your dog as a snack, that is, it will not harm your Pet if the quantities indicated on the packages are followed according to the size and age of the animal. Ecobone also has a line of Vegetable Bones containing whole wheat flour, which, due to its high fiber content, further increases the nutritional characteristics of the snack.



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